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Chirp Chirp- here comes the Cricut Cake

When I first started baking I stuck to equipment that was pretty much timeless. Cake pans, spatulas, cookie cutters and icing bags were pretty standard in my grandmother’s kitchen as well as my own. But the deeper I travel down the rabbit hole, the more gadgets and machinery appear to help create sugar magic.

Of your Kitchenaid mixer feels lonely on the counter, perhaps you need to get him a friend– the Cricut Cake. Yup. Provocraft, who make the Cricut paper cutter for scrapbookers have released a version that is foodsafe for fondant and gumpaste. It’s official debuts is today on HSN.

I’ll public ally thank Suzanne for dragging me into the Cricut madness last year. Of course, I immediately “altered” my regular Cricut from a paper cutter to a cake tool, for better or for worse. Methods and discussions have popped up on the internet regarding the pros and cons. But this one is official, food-”safer”, and shiny red.

Happy Birthday Jackie

These animals were made using the Animal Kingdom cartridge

Detail photos here.

After playing with the CC at the cake show, I decided to upgrade and I am psyched to report that I won a free Cricut Cake at a launch event! So I will give a full report when it arrives on May 15th.

If any of you are considering a purchase, this is not a bad day to do it because HSN is bundling a bunch of accessories with it and offering a flex-pay option. Come on, join the madness!

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