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You are welcome to visit the Gallery and Blog to see a sample of past projects, but don’t feel confined to what has been done before. All treats are designed (and baked) to order, so each confection should represent the tone and theme of your gathering. Think about color, flavor, shape, and decoration and we can customize any confection for your event.


Champagne Cake


At least one week of notice is requested for single layer cakes, and additional time may be required for multiple tiers and designs that requiring specific materials.

Suggested cake flavors.

Maybe with some…

Vanilla bean birthday cake Chocolate or vanilla buttercream
Double chocolate Vanilla buttercream
Red velvet (or pink, blue, purple…) Cream cheese frosting
Spiced carrot Cream cheese frosting
Ginger coconut Whipped cream
Wine and chocolate (dark chocolate/red wine) Goat cheese frosting (similar to cream cheese)


Serving Size Guidelines

How many servings per cake layer will depend on your cake shape, slice size, and guest preferences. Here are some guidelines which may help with your planning. (Email for more information.)

Size Servings
8″ Round 12 to 14
8″ Square 12 to 18
9″ Round 14 to 18
10″ Round 24 to 28
10″ Square 24 to 30
Tiered cakes (stacks of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 -inch cakes) 32 plus*
Shaped or sculpted cakes Design dependent
*Round, square, petal, and other tier shapes can be stacked to reach your desired serving size.




Minimum order of two dozen. We welcome your flavor requests!


  • Vanilla buttercream on chocolate cake
  • Whipped chocolate ganache on vanilla cupcakes
  • Vanilla buttercream on vanilla cake with a filling of chocolate bavarian cream

Getting a little crazier

  • German chocolate (chocolate cake with sweet icing and coconut)
  • Carrot spice cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Pumpkin spice cake with whipped chocolate ganache (also great with peanut butter candy filling)
  • Red velvet (or pink, blue, or purple velvet) with cream cheese frosting
  • Strawberry and lychee cake with whipped cream frosting
  • Key lime cake with whipped cream frosting and graham cracker topping
  • Vanilla bean cake with root beer whipped cream

Happy hour

  • Mojito cake with whipped cream frosting
  • Red wine and chocolate cake with goat cheese frosting and pine nuts
  • Rum cake with vanilla frosting




Minimum of one dozen full sized cookies or two dozen minis. One week advanced order is required. Includes individual packaging and coordinating ribbon.

Sugar cookies can be covered in vanilla, lemon, or raspberry rolled buttercream (between a frosting and a fondant) or with chocolate clay.

Please email with your theme for a current list of available shapes and customization options.

Some ideas. An * indicates that this shape is also available in a mini size.

  • WEDDING- Wedding cakes*, hearts*, bridal gowns*, bridesmaids dresses*
  • BABY- Onesies*, bibs*, baby bottles, hearts*, duckies,
  • PARTY- Cakes*, topsy turvy cakes, cupcakes, balloons, party hats 
  • GIRLS NIGHT- dresses, purses, shoes, make-up styles
  • PRINCESS- tiaras, stars*, dresses, glass slippers, butterflies
  • SPORTS- football, baseball (balls and bats), golf, tennis
  • FALL- leaves, apples, pumpkins, acorns, Halloween (various)
  • WINTER- snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas (various)
  • SPRING- flowers, butterflies, Easter (various), St. Patty’s Day shamrocks
  • SUMMER- sailboats, seashells, flip flops, crabs, lobsters, starfish 
  • BUGS- butterflies, fireflies, bees and beehives
  • SHAPES- Circles, squares, hearts, etc. are great for monograms, greetings or designs (various)




Minimum of one dozen. Orders can be completed in less than one week, depending on the design chosen and date availability. Includes individual packaging and coordinating ribbon. Choice of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and vanilla flavored candy in a rainbow of colors.

Please email with your theme for a current list of available shapes and customization options.

Some ideas:

  • BABY- teddy bears, bunnies, baby carriages, baby bottles
  • PARTY- guitars, party hats, cupcakes, stars
  • NATURE- flowers, butterflies, snowflakes
  • HOLIDAYS- hearts, bunnies, eggs, trees, snowmen, snowflakes

E-mail with your questions and requests!

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