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Play Ball!

So, why did the campers bring a baseball player with them into the woods?

(pause to let the tension mount….)


To pitch the tent!

All right, all right, I have plenty of time to work on my jokes before spring training, but all of that walking around in the stadium made me nostalgic for baseball cupcakes. I mean, cupcakes have got to be seriously gaining on apple pie at this point, so we are talking about two classic pieces of America here people. Sing with me now: Ooooooh saaaaaaaaaaay can you seeeeeeeeeeee… (ok,I’ll stop)  Now back to our regularly schedules cupcakes.

Patriotic Baseball Cupcakes


 I have never done the Nats jerseys, but I do have a set I made for a big fan of the Cleveland Indians.

Baseball Team

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  1. melanie says

    These are so fun!

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