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Salted Caramel Cake with a Chocolate Wrap

Chocolate and I have a complex relationship. In truth, I have a torrid passion for the vanilla bean and a growing appreciation for chocolate’s… personality. Where chocolate shines in my book is as a conduit for other flavors like nuts, marshmallows, peanut butter (!), raspberry (!!), and caramel (swoon!!). As a cake decorator I also appreciate the structural qualities and the fact that it is a creative medium all its own. The color, height, and movement that can be coaxed out by a talented chocolatier astounds me every time.

My “toe in the pond” into chocolate world is the chocolate collar. It is a tall shiny sleeve of chocolate that wraps around the cake. I just think it looks cool.

Today’s cake was for a party that I was actually attending. Shocked? It’s true. Really. So I pulled a “must-try-soon” recipe from my notebook for a salted caramel cake that I suspected would pair well with the milk chocolate. And off we went.


This cake was for the celebration of a baptism. This colors play off of the aqua and blue tones of water, a little yellow for radiance, and a big old hug of chocolate. The “fantasy” flowers imitate the style of floating lotus blossoms on a tranquil pool. I gave the petals depth by adding a dollop of chocolate between each.


The guest-of-honor celebrated this milestone with a full dunk at 11:15 and was all re-outfitted, blown dry and gorgeously glowing with overflowing JOY by lunch. Hooray! Colby, I am so honored to be a part of your day and continue to pray the sweetest blessings over you.  :)  


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