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Oh nuts, it’s birthday time!

Oh Nuts, it’s my Birthday!
June 2009

I’ve always loved cupcakes and there is photographic evidence to prove it.

However, if I had to limit myself to one dessert for the rest of my life, it would definitely be the pignoli cookie. So before heading to the beach for a little birthday break I whipped up a batch for my friends.

I used this recipe from AllRecipes for the cookies. I didn’t even change much, though I have a few notes since several folks asked for the recipe.

#1- Watch your almond paste! This is the main ingredient in the cookie so shop with care. My preference if for the Solo Almond Paste in the can. Note that this is NOT the same as the almond pie filling and that you should not substitute marzipan. The recipe calls for 12 oz of almond paste, which is a can and a half.

#2- Don’t make the cookie too big. These are going to spread out quite a bit, so don’t get too excited.

#3- Toast the nuts. When the cookies are done make sure the nuts are brown on top. Otherwise move the oven rack up a notch 2/3 through the cooking time.



I’d also like to give a shout out to my friends who whipped up a WONDERFUL strawberry shortcake with sweet biscuits and berries from the local farmers market. This is what summer tastes like. Yum!

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