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Cambodia Party Cake

Cambodia Party Cake
February 2008
Laura (who you may remember from my Vietnam trip) has returned from Cambodia and held a little get-together to share her photos and stories about her life in Phnom Penh.

I wanted to make a special cake for the occasion and was shocked to see that putting “Cambodia, cake” into Google returns no actual cake designs! Guess I’m not the only one who thought that carving Angkor Wat out of cake would be really, really difficult. (Sorry LL.) My best tribute for this wandering soul was a suitcase, marked with Cambodian-themes stickers.

The top of the hat-box style case is marked with a profile of the main view of Angkor Wat, a passport (not edible) and the logo from IJM.

Note: International Justice Mission is an amazing organization that seeks to end modern day slavery, and restore justice to oppressed people throughout the world. Be sure and check out their website.

The sides are adorned with a representation of every Cambodian’s favorite rainy-season snack, the dried crunchy tarantula, as well as a bowl of rice to represent the rice paddies. The other side features a blooming flower to symbolize the hope of the people there, as well as some decorative nameplates. The key was to create something cool enough for people to believe that Laura, the fashion maven that she is, would carry it around. I am glad that she liked it and am very excited to watch her continue her work stateside. Go Laura go!

Cake Details

  • Cake: Triple layer (tall cake) in lightly-lemony vanilla
  • Filling: Raspberry preserves
  • Icing: Vanilla buttercream
  • Decorations: Fondant, tinted buttercream, chocolate
    New toys used: Spackle knife from Home Depot, which provides the grooves on the sides

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