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Onesie Baby Shower Cake

Onesie Baby Shower Cake

February 2008

My dear friends Janelle and Omar are getting ready to welcome thier new baby boy. The theme for the nursery is “animalitos del mundo.” Most people would just say “jungle,” but our well-travelled friend Carolyn pointed out that on no continent did God place both lions (african) and tigers (asian) to naturally co-exist. So now the theme is simply animals of the world.

One of my favorite animalitos del mundo is the giraffe. I created this jungle-themed baby onsie for the shower with a cute little giraffe on it. (Note: One of the babies at church was wearing a giraffe outfit from Carters this weekend and if I had seen it first I would have totally matched my gift to the cake. Maybe next time!!!)

The onesie and the dots are made from rolled fondant. All other decorations are piped frosting.

Cake Details

  • Cake: Triple layer (tall cake) in lightly-lemon vanilla
  • Filling: Raspberry preserves
  • Icing: Vanilla buttercream
  • Decorations: Fondant, fondant accents, and tinted buttercream
  • New toys used: Palate knife (art supplies are great in the kitchen)

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