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NYC in Three Dishes

Every September I head to NYC with the family for the US Open. There is lots to eat in New York and a visit is sure to be a blizzard of fresh fish, juicy steaks, pizza slices, pretzel carts, and Italian pastries. But this weekend went a little differently. Here is my New York in three dishes.

Dish 1: The Big Apple


Here is the city that launched the cupcake crazy. Magnolia, Billy’s, Sugar Sweet Sunshine (my favorite), and a long list of others satiate the need for a sugar rush. At Crumbs I found a Big Apple Special that embodies New York. It’s larger than your average cupcake, candy apple red, glittery with light and life, stylishly accessorized, and contains a dark alluring center (chocolate fudge filling!).

Dish 2: Gelato

Eataly is the new project of the Bastianich - Batali powerhouse. It replicates the grand Eataly marketplace in Turin right here in flatiron. It just opened on Tuesday, but my mom and I braved the line to get a sneak peak inside.


The market features carefully sourced meat, cheeses, wine, artisan breads, and confections. While scouting my mother spotted a familiar ponytail… Mario! 


He directed us to the gelato bar, and who could argue? Flavors included the classics with vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, etc. but also seasonal varieties like fig, pear and vanilla, pistachio and strawberry.

So here is dish two: Apricot with amaretti cookies and chocolate hazelnut. 


 No website yet. I’ll let you google on your own now that the press has been turned loose.

Dish 3: The Big Dog

Every sporting event has arena-friendly food. However, the giant ”Master Chef” sign in the food court signaled that something new was happening.


The cafe menu featured baskets from Carmen Gonzales (lobster roll, pulled pork sandwich, BBQ pork quesadilla), Jonathan Waxman (roast chicken panini, hanger steak panini, caprese sandwhich), Susan Feniger (carne asada tacos, yucatan pork tacos), and Rick Moonen (shrimp hot dog with asian slaw).

What’s more American than John Isner’s rally cap?


Well, nothing. For the sake of argument, let’s say “hot dogs!” So here is dish three, the Moon’N'Doggie Shrimp Hotdog.


It was actually fantastic. Really. I would definitely order it again. You can ready more about the Master Chefs here. And the shrimp dog here.

Eat well my friends.

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  1. Melanie says

    Yummy. Just looking at this post is making me extremely hungry. :-)

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