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All Ears

Hey everyone- how should we celebrate Emre’s birthday? Hmmm…..

Hey Tootles, do we have any mousekatools?


We do!!! And here they are. Can YOU solve the puzzle?

1* A candle

2* A match

3* A knife (wow Tootles, this activity requires a grown-up helper!)

4* The mystery item.  —– Oh, it’s a fork.


Yay- I know what it is! Do you know? If so, let’s hear it, “Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse”!


It’s a CAKE!

All Ears

OK, so that was only enjoyable for those who have seen the Clubhouse on Saturday morning. (And the rest of you think I’m crazy.) However, we can all agree that this will be a very happy birthday.


Here are a few detail shots of the back of the cake.

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