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Little Cupcakes in the Big Apple

US Open 2009

Every year my family, and many of our friends head to the big apple for the US Open. Tennis, tennis, and tennis for days.


As great as the National Tennis Center is (not that I am partial to my dad’s design or anything!), we always try to carve out some time to roam the city while shopping, eatting, and enjoying the grand circus that is New York.

This year Carrie and I were fortunate enought to run into this sporty oreo and pick up some tips on finding the best treats in the city.


Every time I go to NYC I try and hit a few more cupcake places. Last year I had a delicious bite from the Crumbs site at Macy’s Herald Square. So Erin and I headed to one of thier stores to try it at the source.


We deliberated over thier extensive menu (Crumbs). At the stores they offer a tasting box of the 12 current flavors that is a delicious way to sample all of the flavors. We took a few full sized cupcakes back to meet up with friends since we were also eager to try the smores [delicious chocolate cake with marshmallow cream filling, chocolate- chocolate chip frosting and a grahm cracker square] and strawberry [vanilla with fresh strawberry frosting].


We took our goodies to meet up with Laura who arrived with a box from Buttercup Bakeshop. Now there was a dilema… so many cupcakes, so few hours.


 Red velvet, devil dog, and a variety of vanilla and chocolate with sprinkles. The cupcakes were starting to add up. 


 So we went on full attack with plastic forks and lots of napkins. By the end of our taste test we had a big pile of schrapnel and a few favorites. Topping our list was the red velvet from Buttercup and the strawberry frosting from Crumbs.


I’ve heard about the growing “cupcake wars” in New York, but I have to admit that if everyone uses great ingredients and appealing flavors, I don’t see how this can be anything but a great trend!

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