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Cookie Dresses

I harbor a secret passion for sugar cookies. Cake is awesome– clearly, I love it. However, if you are going to curl up on a couch, skip down the street, or otherwise engage in a non-fork-friendly snacking activity the cookie the way to go. Plus, there is no evidence left behind. [Yeah, I'm looking at YOU with that paper cupcake wrapper.] I also think that cookies get a bad wrap in the elegant party food arena. Ever since the cupcake stepped up to high society, the cookies have fallen behind.

So here are some tiny cookies that are elegant, colorful, easy, and fun. Just found these cutters that have matching cookies and mini cookies. Love it!

Big (5 inch) or Little (3 inch)

Big (5 inch) or Little (3 inch)

I may have gotten a little carried away making tiny dresses. They are sugar cookies with chocolate fondant on top. Yummy too.

Chocolate Dresses

Chocolate Dresses

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