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Hello, Tacoma!

Hello, Tacoma!
October 2008

I’m thinking about moving from DC to Washington State. Wow, what a place! This last trip out to Tacoma and Seattle was a whirlwind of friends, food, and fabulous weather. I have been told that the Seattle area is not always 74 degrees and sunny, but my research says it is. My research also indicates that is a region of GOOD EATS. My tour guides Melanie, Anssel, and Irene know where to go, and my travel companions Erin and Laura take their eating very seriously. I was really taken by how fresh the food is in the Pacific Northwest. Restaurants talk about locally grown or organic, not because it is trendy marketing, but because they really believe in sourcing the best ingredients.

This philosophy of “best” surely factored into the deliciousness found at Hello, Cupcake. This Tacoma cupcakery is nestled on a campus of UW and has a comfy Donna Reed’s kitchen aesthetic.

The towers of vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and mocha are irresistible. The chocolate on chocolate has a thick, dense, not-overly-sweet frosting that is the best I’ve ever tasted. However, when I think of Seattle, I think of my other love— COFFEE. So I had to go for the mocha with coffee frosting, topped with a chocolate coffee bean.

Yum. Definitely worth the trip.

After getting hyper and sugared up, we thought we should go somewhere quiet, with lots of breakable stuff, where we could be inconspicuous. Luckily the Museum of Glass is across the street. The giant aqua columns on the bridge kinda reminded me of rock candy. Guess that sugar-buzz was still in effect.

A few rolls of candid photos and an injury or two, and we had thouroughly experienced the Chihuly glass exhibits and the gift shop. Who says our generation doesn’t appreciate culture?

We ended the day by enjoying local salmon with huckleberry puree at a great resyuraunt near the water (CJ Shenanigans). Since we were celebrating double birthdays (Mel and Laura) the waitress brought us a rack of cake shots. Yup, cake shots.

Someone brilliant found a way to serve EIGHT types of cake at once. Ours included (left to right- to the best of my memory…) banana bread pudding, chocolate mouse cake, oreo parfait, something coconut (?), strawberry shortcake, something else choclate, mudpie, and tiramisu. Happy birthday indeed.

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