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Twilight / Breaking Dawn Cookies

Twilight / Breaking Dawn Cookies
August 2008

OK, I admit that I am addicted to the Twilight books. Some combination of the romance-suspense-thriller plot, the crazy cast of characters and the “bizarrely moral vampires” (what’s not to love?) I am hooked. It is also possible that the ink used to print them emits an alluringly addictive substance that captures the mind into a euphoric trance. But maybe that’s just me…

Or not. Because I keep reading stories like this one from the MTV movies site, and almost all of the TwilightMoms (all over 25, both married and single), who are perfectly rational adults swept away to rainy little Forks, WA to keep company with the “vegetarian” vampires in the Cullen family.

These are not short books, and reading the 700+ pager, Breaking Dawn, at its midnight release required both caffeine and appropriate snacks.

Lemon shortbread apples provided all of the “temptation” of Twilight’s cover. This batch is sweetened up with rolled buttercream icing and red shimmer dust. Because it MUST dazzle in the sunlight. A few bites and I feel a lot better about being human.

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