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Pink Bow Cake

Pink Bow Cake

October 2007

Victory is mine. I am feeling much better after last week’s cake-tastrophy. I took a fondant and gum paste refresher class this morning and made a few practice runs. I realize that I may be the only person in the world who thinks fondant tastes good, but it sure looks pretty!

The Wilton bow with curly q’s and a daisy:

First I added a few white polka dots, which gives it a new look.

Finishing off the bow gave it a more dramatic look. I balanced the added height with a pink border at the base.

Life is all about the accessories. Here goes with green dots and double daisies. This one felt more like a birthday cake.

Things I learned from this activity:

- Bows and dots are the way to go!

- It’s all how the pieces fit together, so be creative with the mix n’ match

- To evenly coat a board for rolling fondant (or pie crust) use a dusting pouch / tied coffee filter to spread the sugar

- Use piping get at the base of the cake to “glue” down fondant edges, so you don’t see the extra icing smoosh out the bottom

- Everything looks better with glitter (but I already knew that because I am from NJ)

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