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Smashbox Cookies

I love other things besides baking. For instance, shoes and make-up. The fall trendshow at Nordstrom is like the Superbowl for make-up junkies. They let you in the store before it opens for an entertaining and informative runway show of the seasons latest products (on models conveniently wearing Nordy’s fashion and shoes). It feels kind of like being an extra in Zoolander, but there are lots of free samples as each line presents its new products and national artist teams. Smashbox cosmetics have been my favorite for a few years running and their artists are definitely the most fun. Since I was dragging a few friends to the show who are new to the line I knew it would be a taxing morning for the artists and decided to make cookies showcasing my favorite products as a little thank you gift. It was also a yummy snack for us as we waited in lines to try various products.

I can’t have smashbox without Photo Finish Primer,

and some great brushes,


and a touch of lip gloss (Always remember ladies: Lashes, Liner, Lips!),


And a bit of color in signature pots…

It was quite a tasty collection for sure. I used the basic sugar cookie recipe that worked well back at Christmas, but used less cinnamon and more lemoncello. They were a bit dry/crispy for my taste, but I think that might have had more to do with the thickness than the recipe.

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