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Margarita Cake

Margarita Cake
May 2007

Now that I have recovered from the “beer cookies” incident during the Superbowl it is time to take another crack at “desserts featuring liquor”. This margarita cake for Cinco de Mayo is SUCH an improvement.

What you need:

- White cake mix (plus ingredients: 3 eggs, oils)
- 1 can frozen margarita mix

- 1 batch white icing

- sugar sprinkles

- 1 lime (zested)

The recipe is easy. Start with white cake mix, but substitute the frozen margarita mix for the water in the directions. Plus add the zest of one lime. Yummm. (For an added kick I also gave it a shot of limoncello, but that is optional.)

To decorate I used piping gel with a little blue tint for the glass, and green icing/piping gel for the center. It looks more like guac in this picture. Oooops! The most fun was the rock sugar on the rim of the glass to simulate salt on the glass.

Tomorrow I’m taking off for the beach. The perfect place to kick back with good friends and a frosty beverage.

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