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Ooh la la


Earlier this summer I indulged in a foolishly excessive confectionery tour of Las Vegas. While these sordid details should remain in the city limits, I will admit to plying my companions with pastry at Buchon, haut chocolate truffles at Voges, fountains of chocolate sauce at John-Phillipe, and of course, macarons at Payard. There were copious notes and naps taken- and all subsequent daydreams have hearkened back to those Payard gems.

I question how I made it so far into my life without discovering the pastel delights of macarons. I may never forgive my parents for this culinary oversight, or myself for the gross negligence I suffered while studying in Paris under this shortfall of knowledge. But perhaps my energies are better spent in front of the oven, making up for lost time.

These pillows of almonds, sugar, and technicolor delight are a bit tricky to prepare. Thankfully there are a TON of great resources on the web. You should ignore all of them and study the recipes and notes of Helen from Tartlette


chocolate cookie with pistachio cream

I prefer a tiny bite, just larger than a quarter, which gives a good crunch to creamy filling ratio. (Of course if queried by Thomas Keller directly I would faun and fall all over the palm-sized version at Buchon! But I digress.)

Laura and Rob also love macarons. For their housewarming we dreamed up a few combinations with plain and chocolate cookies filled alternately with pistachio cream and whipped chocolate ganache.


chocolate - chocolate with a fondant flower

They were served with bite-sized devil’s food cupcakes with cream cheese frosting in coordinating colors. Great friends, good food, and a sweet bite to cap off the evening. Ooh la la.


vanilla - pistachio; vanilla - chocolate; chocolate - pishachio; chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

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