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Let it Snow

December 2008
Let it Snow

I love snow. Wait, that isn’t accurate. I love the idea of perfect fluffy white snow, snowmen, icicles and sledding. The actual cold, wet, and slippery nature of the stuff can be a buzzkill. Luckily, I have a weak bond with reality.

This cake celebrates the pure white “luster of new fallen snow”. Trevor turned me on to these great snowflake presses that turn out perfect blizzards. A layer of iridescent luster dust and some coarse sugar and this baby sparkles. The picture doesn’t give the full effect, but I love it.

For version two of this cake I tinted the icing with a bit of blue so that the snowflakes would stand out more. But I think that it lost that snowdrift quality.



I also created these little white chocolate snowman lollipops to take on the Christmas party circuit. A great way to finish off a plate of homemade cookies. The back of the pops have a sprinkle of crushed candycane for a winter kick. (Mmmm, chocolate and peppermint.)

The details of the eyes, scarf and buttons were somewhat lost, so I highlighted them with red and green petal dust and then gave everything a coat of pearl luster to shine them back up.


And don’t forget to button up that overcoat. Merry Christmas to all!

Cake Details:

Cake: Chocolate with Vietnamese Cinnamon
Filling: Mint Chocolate
Icing: Double Whipped Vanilla
Decorations: Fonadant snowflakes, coarse sugar, pear and luster dusts

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2 Responses

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  1. SR says

    merry christmas too. dropped by your blog… just wondering if you have pictures of those cakes or there’s just a problem with my browser.

    anyway, nice blog! happy christmas!

  2. Mela says

    Fixed (mostly). The pictures aren’t clickable, but should be visible. Thank you for your comment. Have a merry Christmas!

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